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This QUARTERLY REPORT for Revival and Missions International, for the second quarter of 2007, (April-May 2007), is being sent unto you to report how God is using your continued financial support of this ministry. Please know of Revival and Missions International deep appreciation for your financial and prayer support for the ministry. All of the staff is so thankful unto our Father that He has led you to support this ministry. Revival and Missions International is a fully funded faith based ministry that would not exist without your continued support. Revival and Missions relies heavily upon your financial support of this ministry. Please know that we covet your continued support of this ministry. Please review this report and see how God is using your support to impact this world for His glory.

Revival and Missions International has a four-fold calling from God. The ministry seeks to impact this world through the following four areas of ministry: This report covers the ministry activities of Revival and Missions International for the months of April, May and June 2007.


God has raised up Revival and Missions International to educate pastors and key church leaders in America and around the world. God has privileged the ministry to be involved in educating over four hundred students in various places around the world. Revival and Missions International has partnered with Covington Theological Seminary to educate the pastors. Dr. Joe Youngblood serves as the Dean of International Extensions for Covington and also serves as the Dean of the Aiken, South Carolina extension. The Aiken extension will have completed its fifth semester on May 17, 2007, with almost sixty students. Brother Joe also serves as a teaching professor. He is completed teaching a Bible course on the Gospel of John. John Gambrel serves as the Associate Dean for the Aiken extension. Brother John is a volunteer with the ministry. The Fall semester for the extension begins on August 19. The anticipated enrollment will be about seventy students. Joe Youngblood will teach a course entitled “New Testament Survey”, which is a required course for all under-graduate students.

The international extensions are in Romania, Honduras and Zimbabwe. The Romanian extension has sixty-seven students which met twice during this report. The first teaching session was held during the dates of January 22-26, 2007. Gary Hanna and Murril Boinott were the teaching professors. The second teaching session was held during the dates of March 19-23 and Gary Fleetwood and Bob Craven were the teaching professors.

The Honduras extension has grown with the addition of fifty new students for a total student enrollment of 122. These students began their first series of lessons in December of 2006. Two teaching sessions was held during the time of this quarterly report. Dr. Eddie Indelfonso, a member of the Board of Directors for Revival and Missions International, was the instructor for the two sessions.

The Zimbabwe extension opened has one hundred and eighty-seven students. Three teaching sites are held in Victoria Falls, Harare, the capitol city of Zimbabwe, and in Bulawayo. The May 7-11 teaching sessions were greatly blessed of God. Excellent student work ahs been received by the seminary of the previous work submitted by the students. Please pray much for the extensions and students, as well as all believers in Zimbabwe, as they are suffering terribly under the cruel dictatorship of their president. The country is facing and suffering from severe food and fuel shortages. One of our deans, Moffat Moyo, reports that there is no food on the shelves of the stores.

Revival and Missions International secures all the professors for the extensions, arranges for all their travel, administrates all the extensions, and secures the textbooks and all the other details of the education ministry. Joe Youngblood and Revival and Missions International has partnered with Covington Theological, Seminary and as such receives no financial support from the seminary.


The evangelistic ministry of Revival and Mission International has two primary aspects, the international mission ministry and the revival and preaching ministry of Dr. Joe T. Youngblood.

One mission trip was held this quarter. The trip was to the countries of Romania and Wales. Joe T. Youngblood led the team and God greatly blessed the team. A pastor’s conference was held in a very nice hotel, just outside of the city of Lugio. About eighty pastors and wives attended the conference. The presence of the Lord was very real at the conference. Evangelism meetings were also held in various villages and cities surrounding Lugio. One ministry was to a gypsy village in which no Baptist church existed. After the evangelism ministry, the Romanian Baptist Union is planning to plant a church in this gypsy village. God privileged the team to see a lot of people respond to the gospel presentations. God blessed in so many different ways.

The second half of the trip was to the county of Wales, in the city of Swansea. The main focus of the trip was a Bible conference on the subject of Revival. The conference was held over a two day period, in a local church. The attendance was good and the messages were well received. The country of Wales has seen some of the greatest movements of God, but currently is one of the most spiritually depressed countries in the world. Wales is a very secular country and thee is very little interest in the things of God. The team truly believes God did a great work in and through the Bible conference.

The planned mission trip to Malawi was canceled due to some unforeseen circumstances. It was very regrettable but necessary that the ministry cancel the trip to Malawi. The 2008 plans call for trip to this country.


The exhorting ministry of Revival and Missions International is the personal preaching ministry of Joe Youngblood. This is often conducted in local churches and in conference settings. In addition to preaching during the one international mission trip, God allowed Brother Joe to preach in the following venues in America during the months of April, May and June in the following ways:
One Day Revival meetings in local churches-- 7
Bible Conferences 2
Associational Pastor’s Conference 1
Revival Crusades 3
Men’s Meetings 2

God kept Brother Joe very busy during these three months with his personal preaching ministry. God privileged Joe to preach each week during this three month period of time. God blessed the churches he was privileged to preach in, in some very power ways. Please know that the love offerings that are received when Joe preaches in a church, does not go to him, but goes directly into the ministry of Revival and Missions International. Joe does not keep any of the money that comes forth from his preaching ministry, but it all goes directly into the operating budget of the ministry.


The equipping ministry of Revival and Missions International is primarily centered in the bookstore ministry. The name of the bookstore ministry is called Discount Christian Bookstore. The bookstore ministry is managed by Connie Youngblood and is operated as a non-profit ministry. The bookstore ministry supplies books and Bibles at very large Bibles cross America and to four foreign countries.

Discount Christian Bookstore has now gone on-line. Books and Bibles can be ordered from the ministry web-site which has the address of www.revivalandmissionsintl.org discounts to pastors, churches, mission organizations and seminaries. During the spring quarter Discount Christian Bookstore shipped books and Bibles all across America.

As you can see God is using the ministry in many different ways and He truly has His hand upon the ministry. Thank you so very much for your continued support of this ministry.


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