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There are tremendous needs all over the world and even here in the States.  Often times it is easy to become overwhelmed with the need.  If you feel led of the Lord to reach out and make a difference for Christ here are just a few of the many needs some are great, others small.  Multi Ministries is a registered "not for profit" corporation.  All gifts and services rendered to it are tax deductible and the giver is given a receipt to that effect.

Bicycles For Africa

When you move away from the "teaming cities" of Africa and into the "bush country" you soon run out of roads, but you don't run out of souls to win for the Lord.  The Gospel is being taken into the land were there are no roads on bicycles.  For as little as $100 the giver can provide a brand new mountain style bicycle, spare parts, bibles, teaching material and training to a "Bush Pastor" for a full year. This is a wonderful ministry!

Articles For Africa






Revival and Missions International in conjunction with Town Creek Baptist Church and Cape Missions International, has answered God’s call to help meet the physical needs of the under-privileged and poor people of Cape Town, South Africa. 

Jesus has commanded His church to meet the physical needs of the poor and needy. Revival and Missions International, Town Creek Baptist Church and Cape Missions International have sought to be obedient to Christ’s command through this ARTICLES FOR AFRICA via a CONTAINER FOR CHRIST project. 

Please pray and ask God if He would have you, your church, Sunday School class or mission organization participate in this project. I truly believe this project will meet the needs of people of Cape Town, South Africa. I have been going to Cape Town for nine years and have personally seen the desperate needs of the people living in the squatter camps, high density living areas. These precious people desperately need our help. The churches of Cape Town are doing a great job in reaching and helping the needy people. This project will provide the necessary materials and Bibles to allow the churches of the Cape to continue to meet the needs of the people in these very desperate situations. Please pray much about participating in this project 

I have attached a guideline/overview sheet for the project. This guideline/overview sheet also contains the instructions for the project. Please pay very close attention to the instructions, if God leads you to participate in this project. 

Please call the office at Revival and Missions International if you plan to participate in this project.  (803) 642-4175 

Respectfully and Prayer fully submitted,

 Dr. Joe T. Youngblood

Philippians 1:20, 21




 Revival and Missions International, in conjunction with Town Creek Baptist Church and Cape Missions International will receive, package, ship and distribute a twenty (20) foot container of physical goods unto the churches of the Cape Town, South Africa.

 Revival and Missions International will provide the administration for the project on the American side. Town Creek Baptist Church will provide the storage space and labor to collect and load the container. Cape Missions International will provide the financial means to pay for the shipping costs across the ocean, receive and process the container through South African customs and then administrate the distribution of the donated items. The donated items will distributed to the needy churches of Cape Town at no cost to them. The goods and materials will be donated and distributed at no cost to the disadvantaged churches and ministries of Cape Town, as designated by Cape Missions International.

 The donated material can be either new or used. We only ask that if the material is used that it be of good quality and in useable condition. Due to the custom regulations of the South African government, no clothes or shoes can be shipped. Please do not box or send any clothes or shoes.

 The participating churches, Sunday classes, mission organizations and individuals who participate will be asked to do the following:

 To collect and receive the various materials and goods as listed below

Box the materials and goods as instructed below.

Ship or deliver the boxed goods or materials to Town Creek Baptist Church for storage, who will then load the container at the appropriate time.



Sunday School teaching materials for all age groups.

Bible teaching aids/materials

Bible study material for pastors such as commentaries, computer software for Bible study, dictionaries (both Christian and secular), and sermon preparation materials. Any books or material that will help a pastor to learn and teach the Word of God.

Bibles and New Testaments for all ages. The number one requested item from the churches are for Bibles.

Textbooks from schools, in English, for math, English, geography, science. Please no American history books.

Books suitable to place in church libraries for all ages.

Coloring books for children.

Children books, both Christian and secular



Children games

Toys (Please no “war toys” or weapon type toys)

Crayons, pencils, colored markers, paper, pens, notebooks, etc.

Craft paper

Children and adult bicycles

Sports balls such as soccer, basket ball, baseball, softball

Soft, stuffed toys and baby dolls


A. Calculators

B. Compass, protractors, dividers

C. Pens, pencils, erasers

D. Rulers

E. Glue

F. Crayons, paints, paint brushes

G. Computers and computer software, programs


A. Vitamins

B. Antiseptics

C. Band-aids, bandages, wound treatment medicines

D. Tylenol, aspirins

E. cotton balls, Q-tips,

(Any over –the counter products that have not been opened will be suitable for shipment)


A. Dinnerware such as plates, forks, spoons, glasses

B. Pots and pans for cooking

C. small furniture items

D. gloves (both work and clothing glove will be suitable)

E.  Any household item that is not too large and that can be boxed will be suitable for shipment

The above list is not exhaustive, but is only a guideline intended to stir your thinking and to give you some idea of the possible items to be collected and shipped. If you have any question, please call the Revival and Missions International office at (803) 642-4175, and the staff will be glad to answer any question you might have about what can and cannot be shipped.



  1. Each box should contain only one category of items.  This is necessary in order for Cape Missions    International to clear the container box through the South African customs.
  2. Please do not load more than twenty-five (25) pounds to the box. Please securely tape and seal each box.
  3. Please write the following information on each box :

                A. The type of items in the box

                B. The weight of the boxed and its contains

                C. the dimensions of the box

 Please do not number your boxes. Town Creek Baptist Church will number each box as it is received and processed for shipping.

  1.  Please ship or deliver the sealed boxes with the above information to:

                Town Creek Baptist Church

                250 Town Creek Road

                Aiken, South Carolina 29803

  1. Thursday, April 26, 2007 will be the last day that we can receive items for shipment. The container box will be loaded and shipped the first part of May, 2007 for delivery by August 2007.


On Going Needs

Revival & Missions International  needs your continued financial support to meet the needs mentioned above.  If you would like to be a part of this ministry, please contact us at 803 642 4175.  Financial contributions can also be mailed to Revival & Missions International, P O Box 433, Gloverville, SC  29828.  Be sure and mark how you wish your funds to be applied.

We Need Your Prayers

We live in a dangerous world and the Lord's work is being attached on many fronts.  But, God's Word promises us that the prayers of the righteous produce fruit.  Please keep this ministry and the work we are doing in your prayers.  Thank You and God Bless You.


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